Jason-Aeric Huenecke

Photo Credit: Mathew James, 2011

My mission is to offer multi-dimensional healing through two separate but mutually supportive practices, Classical Homeopathy and Astrological Spiritual Guidance, offering the deepest individualized healing for each individual.

Every person’s journey is unique and each is here for a higher purpose. Therefore, I accompany you in healing techniques that identify and integrate your false-selves into wholeness, leading to authenticity, empowerment, and excellence.

Healing leads to a restoration of wholeness and greater awareness of your Inner Light. Tapping into this light unwinds the Field that surrounds you and each of us, leading to a greater sense of love and belonging in the world and cosmos.

Clients often report feeling gently held, profoundly understood, and guided in ways that arise from a powerfully honed and well-developed intuition. My practices are based on the knowledge that comes from years of intensive study and – more importantly – the deep wisdom that comes from my own spiritual practices and experience.

I have clientele all over the world. I provide my services long-distance telephonically or via Skype.

Most clients choose to do one modality or the other, although you can choose to do both, depending on your individual journey. All clients benefit from whichever modality they choose.