Spiritual Guidance with a Wide View

Astrology is an ancient sacred language, found in many forms in civilizations around the world. I have an unusual background in having studied multiple forms of this life-guiding science.

As your astrologer, I study your life in relationship to lifecycles as measured by the movements of the planets in the heavens.

Astrology helps you to understand the unfolding of your life in relation to the cosmos and to make sense of past cycles in relationship to the present by helping you to stand more fully in the present.

The exploration of your birth chart helps you to recognize the choices you have in cultivating the optimal life, a life of balance and resilience.

Modern Astrology is a tradition drawn from our ancestors’ desires to understand themselves in relation to the cosmos. Every major civilization had a cosmology related to the heavens, planets, and stars, in order to clarify and deepen their relationship to the cosmos, nature, and multidimensional spiritual communion. Over time, these primitive ways developed into a science of lifecycles focused on the movement of the planets as correlated with human characteristics and, ultimately, their destiny.

An astrological reading helps you to learn more about yourself and your family patterns, strengths, and challenges. It helps you to direct your energy to follow your intention. A reading also heightens your awareness so that you can live a life with greater courage, authenticity, and integrity. It cannot give you answers to all of life’s mysteries; however, it can increase the depth and width of your perspective and potentiality.

Astrology, as I practice it, encourages you to live in harmony with the dynamic world of flowing energy and potential, and to learn more about the continual cycle of birth, life, death or transition, and rebirth that happen in our lives over and over in the spiral dance.

I believe, as the Tibetan Buddhists understand, that everything happens for your benefit. I also believe that life unfolds in meaningful and purposeful ways. Our task is to become conscious cooperators with each other, nature, and the cosmos.

As an Astrological Spiritual Guide, I use astrology for practical applications in everyday life. Astrological spiritual guidance sessions are typically one hour and can be scheduled on an ongoing basis in quarterly or annual intervals, or as needed.

What you seek, is seeking you.”    ~ Rumi


Photo Credit: NASA, Cygnus Nebulae, 4 March 2011